Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Find Your Why

My son gave my husband one of the best presents that a young son could
give to a father on his birthday. At 8 years old, he wrote him a song
about how much he appreciated all that he does for him. He actually
put it to music with his guitar. We were both moved to tears.

That is what great parenting is all about. As parents, we just do not
realize how the small things go such a long way with our kids.

In finding one's passion, the most important step is to begin with the
question, "Why?" Why is what you are doing important to you? When you
dig deep into your soul and find out why you are doing something, it
is easy to find what makes you passionate.

For me, my immediate family are my 'Why!' My family is a the root of
any decision I make. I constantly ask myself "Is what I am doing going
to benefit my family?" Answering this question helps to give my sound

My suggestion to you, find your 'Why!'

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Do Something! Prayers for Relief In Haiti!

I have been very disturbed by the happenings of Haiti. It is hard to process the magnitude of the event. The fact that so many people have lost their lives, lost family members, and lost friends. Although, to my knowledge, I do not have any family in Haiti, my heart just goes out to those that were involved in the earthquake.

Turning on the news does not help. The images seem to be overwhelming. If you are like me, you just want to figure out the best way that you can help. I have prayed and prayed for the people of Haiti and for those that are able to get over there to help. I have also prayed that those thinking about going to help will find away to get to Haiti.

If I had the ability to go help, I know I would go. I do not have any medical training, but I am certain that there is some way that I could step in help.

So, I am writing to say…..follow your heart in all that you do. You may be able to organize from where you live, you may be able to stuff care packages, and you may be able to raise funds. Just do something! This is a defining moment in history. We have people suffering beyond any suffering that we could imagine. Follow your heart and do something!